BMJ Nominations 2014

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Over and Under the Snow.jpg

Over and Under the Snow

by Kate Messner; Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

During a cross country ski trip through the winter woods, adventurers can discover all sorts of animals living under the snow.

Each Kindness.jpg Each Kindness

by Jacqueline Woodson; Illustrated by E.B. Lewis

When Ms. Albert teaches a lesson on kindness, Chloe realizes that she and her friends have been wrong in making fun of new student Maya's shabby clothes and refusing to play with her.

Each kindness makes the world a little better
Ocean Sunlight.jpg Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas
by Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm; Illustrated by Molly Bang
A stunning, sweeping view of our ever-changing oceans. Explains how tiny plants feed the seas.

Planting the Wild Garden.jpg Planting the Wild Garden
by Kathryn Galbraith; Illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin

Looks at how wind and water, birds and animals, plants and people work together unaware to create a wild meadow garden. An exploration of the different ways seeds are dispersed into the environment.

a leaf can be.jpgA Leaf Can Be...

by Laura Salas; Illustrated by Violeta Dabija

In rhyming text and illustrations, explores some of the many things a leaf can be, from tree topper to rain stopper. Includes facts about leaves and a glossary. Backmatter provides additional explanations.
Being Frank.jpgBeing Frank
by Donna W. Earnhardt; Illustrated by Andrea Casteliani
Frank is proud of his honesty but finds he is upsetting the people around him, and after a visit to Grandpa Ernest, Frank learns the value of both being honest and considering other people's feelings.

when dragon moves in.jpgWhen a Dragon Moves In
by Jodi Moore; Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
A boy and his imaginary dragon have a wonderful time playing on the beach, braving the waves, roasting marshmallows, and roaming the shore, but when the boy tries to tell his friends about his dragon, no one will believe him.

Not a Buzz to Be Found.jpg Not a buzz to be found : insects in winter

by Linda Glaser, Illustrated by Jaime Zollars

Describes what insects do to survive winter's chill.

Looks at how monarch butterflies, woolly bear caterpillars, ladybird beetles, honeybees, mourning cloak butterflies, praying mantises, common pondhawk dragonflies, ants, gallflies, field crickets, bald-faced hornets, and black swallowtail butterflies spend the winter season.