Being Frank.jpg

Being Frank

by Donna W. Earnhardt

Illustrated Andrea Castellani

Publisher: Flashlight Press, p2012, c2012
ISBN 978-36261-19-2

AR 3.3 no lexile measurement

Topics: honesty, grandparents


Readers Choice Award Finalist 2013

Indiana Young Hoosier Book Award Summer Reading List 2013

Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award list 2013-14

Finalist for the SCWBI Crystal Kite Award, Southeast Division 2013 (covering FL, GA,SC, NC, AL, MS)


Frank is proud of his honesty but finds he is upsetting the people around him, and after a visit to Grandpa Ernest, Frank learns the value of both being honest and considering other people's feelings.


Booklist (November 15, 2012 (Online))
Grades K-2. Meet Frank. He is frank. And being frank, Frank likes to frankly tell everyone exactly what he thinks. “Your freckles remind me of the Big Dipper.” “Your singing is kind of shrieky.” When that gets him sent home from school, he displays the same frankness to his mother: “You wouldn’t get so many wrinkles if you didn’t glare at me like that.” Pretty soon Frank is lonely enough to alphabetize his bug collection. Enter Grandpa Ernest, who has mastered the ability to be earnest—it’s sort of like being frank, but nicer. When encountered with a ridiculous hat topped with flowers, Grandpa compliments the flower in the middle. “I talked about the good things on her hat instead of the not-so-good things,” he explains. This is a lesson-to-be-learned book if ever there was one, but Earnhardt is so, well, frank about it that kids will laugh right along with Frank’s every miscue. Meanwhile, Castellani’s bright, glossy, retro-styled Photoshop illustrations pop with frantic energy. For kids who need to know that honesty isn’t always the best policy.

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