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Written and illustrated by John Rocco

When a busy family’s activities come to a halt because of a blackout, they find they enjoy spending time together and not being too busy for once.
Disney/Hyperion c2011 ISBN 9781423121909
Age range: 4 – 7 Years Lexile: BRL Genre: Realistic fiction

AUTHOR “I love books. The fact that I get to make books for a living still thrills me every day. I write and illustrate books for children as well as illustrate books for older readers. I didn’t always make books. Before embarking on full-time work as an author/illustrator, I worked as an art director in the entertainment business. Movies, television, theme parks and museums were my canvas. It was great work and I enjoyed every minute of it, but… Did I tell you I love books?” --John Rocco

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Author Website: Learn more about John Rocco at: roccoart.blogspot.com/

…The plot line, conveyed with just a few sentences, is simple enough, but the dramatic illustrations illuminate the story. …Brilliantly designed, with comic bits such as a portrait of Edison on a wall and the cat running from a hand shadow of a dog. –Kirkus Reviews, starred review
…Great bedtime reading for a soft summer night. –School Library Journal,starred review
…Rocco gets everything right…the father’s pained, sheepish smile…the velvety dark and glowing candlelight..and the final solution to the problem of a too-busy family… --Publishers Weekly,starred review

2012 Caldecott Honor Book

Art: Look at Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Starry Night over the Rhone, and Café Terrace at Night. Compare to the art in Blackout. Have children try various media to create their own night scenes. Suggest: Cray-Pas, finger paint, water color, tempera, crayons

Science: Introduce children to constellations. Discuss difference between stars and planets. Experiment with simple electrical circuits. Explore reasons for blackouts.

Language arts: Have children play Scrabble. Do your own spelling bee.
Health: Have children plan a balanced meal that does not require preparation with heat or cold. Discuss purpose of refrigeration.

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Paula Inman, Topeka, KS; researched the activities, author info, and Judy Desetti created the wiki page. July 2012