City Dog , Country Frog

Words by Mo Willems,

Pictures by John J Muth

Extension ideas for the Classroom

• Make predictions based on illustrations or portions of the story.
• Begin by showing cover of book and having students make predictions about what the book will be about. As you read, be sure to stop in places where the season changes and let children tell which season comes next. Ask them to predict or draw a picture of what they think will happen next.
• The friends play games in each season. Discuss games and whether some games are better for which season and why.
• Discuss care and supplies needed for a pet dog, a pet frog, other pets.
• Assign an animal to each child to research whether their animal would make a good pet. Have them draw a picture of the habitat of their assigned pet and share pictures.
• Have students make a board game.
• Have each student draw a picture of two friends doing something together. Have them write a sentence to tell about the friends in their picture. Compile the pictures into a class book about friendship.
• Ask students how each picture makes them feel and what in the picture makes them feel that way.
• Invite students to make a diorama of one of the seasons with dog and frog playing.

Created by Karen Rogers, Neuman University, © 2011