Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story.

Leedy, Loreen. Illus. by the author.

Holiday House, 2008. (Gr. K-3)




In a story told entirely in similes, Rufus the fox is behaving strangely, but for a very good reason. Includes a definition of simile and suggestions for writing a simile story.

Fooling Around with Words by Judy Freeman

"In the quiet forest, Rufus is sleeping like . . ." Turn the page and you'll find the rest of the simile. Rufus, a contented red fox, is sleeping like . . . a log, of course. Take another look at that first page and examine the cheerful and colorful full-bleed illustrations. A gray mouse, watching over the smiling, supine Rufus, comments, "He's as still as a stone." Another mouse, standing atop the fox's belly, declares, "He's as snug as a bug in a rug." And a possum hanging by his tail from a tree notes, "He's out like a light." Rufus rises, fresh as . . . (Turn the page—yes, a daisy), sneaks into little lamb Babette's yard, and starts to roar like . . . (you're right—a lion). Mad as a hornet, Babette chases Rufus across the page into a river, and up a hill. On each page, similes fall like rain as the animals watch Babette pursue Rufus into a dark cave and then . . . SURPRISE! The lights go on. All of the animals are there, ready to celebrate. Rufus has lured the unsuspecting Babette to a surprise birthday party in her honor.

Book Trailer... check out a short 1 min video of the book

Author, Author!!

Loreen Leedy website at this website there are activities and author info - a must visit site.


*As welcome as springtime to teachers, aspiring writers and any who appreciate wordplay.
Kirkus (starred review)

School Library Journal (September 1, 2008)
K-Gr 2-Rufus, a spunky fox in suspenders, rudely startles his friend Babette, a lamb, by roaring "like...a lion." She gets " a hornet" and chases him, and he eventually leads her to her surprise birthday party. Leedy relates this narrative entirely through similes. Her illustrations emphasize the comparisons as each protagonist is amusingly transformed from one object into another. Children may participate by guessing the upcoming change at each page turn. Apart from the main narrative, animal spectators offer up alternative descriptions of events as they unfold. Leedy includes an explanation of this figure of speech and an invitation for readers to create their own similes. Her vivid illustrations, filled with movement and wide-eyed creatures, will entertain readers. A pleasing addition to any collection.-Jayne Damron, Farmington Community Library, MI Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.


Judy Freeman gives some nice ideas about how to use this book.

Desperate Librarians or . . . More Books and Ideas to Share with Children Summer 2009 by Judy Freeman

Below are several of her suggestions.
Loreen Leedy, whose There’s a Frog in My Throat: 440 Animal Sayings a Little Bird Told Me introduced us to all sorts of fun idioms (including my favorite: She's as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs), now concentrates on similes, which can also be idioms, so there's some nice overlap here. While the first book was a nonfiction collection of sayings, this new one tells a zippy story, which also works as a guessing game where kids finish each simile before you turn the page.
On the first page, the author defines similes and explains how ones that are said too often can become clichés. Of course, just because they're old hat to you, doesn't mean your students will have heard them before. I read this story to several classes of third graders, and was shocked to find they knew very few of the similes. On the last page, Leedy has thoughtfully provided you with ideas for having kids invent their own simile stories. Then go to Loreen Leedy's web site to play a very cute YouTube trailer for the book.

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Ideas from Susie Wilde about Similes and more.

Figuring Out Figures of Speech: Surprising, Satisfying Similes and Meaningful Metaphors by Susie Wilde
great ideas about how to weave similes and metzphors into a lesson, lots of other books suggestions.

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